7 Successful Ideas For Online Money Making


Making money in the modern era is not a child’s play. Right?

online money making

Making money online has become a frustrating task for everyone. A huge boost in the competition has led a negative impact on a newbie’s online income.

The online money making ideas that worked before wouldn’t work now. To enlighten 7 amazing ideas for successful online money making I  found only one person who have been tutoring newbies for successful online money making tips from a very long time. So please welcome our today’s guest Shirley Burill.

With the current pace of development of technology the world seems to have shrunk in size at least in the virtual mode if not in real.

Most of our business transactions and other chores can be done within a few minutes by the use of technology. There are umpteen career prospects which do not require us to go outdoors, but they can all be explored from our favourite corner at home.

One can make money online as there are various means of doing it in the present day context.

Let’s  go through 7 ideas on making money online.


1. Affiliate Marketing

When you suggest someone to buy a product and the person buys the product on your recommendation, you get a commission out of it. This process is known as affiliate marketing. The commission rate varies according to product you are recommending.

Some affiliate marketers make anything above numbers of six figures up to millions in a year. It takes time and effort to build an affiliate marketing business to a decent income.

Initial struggles are there like any other field of human enterprise. Affiliate marketing is a kind of business where a product, service or information that someone else created is getting sold. The person who does this marketing receives a sales commission.

Affiliate marketing is available for almost every product or service.

Affiliate marketing is very simple than you think. Firstly, you need to research and find a good affiliate program similar to your niche. After signing up they will provide you an ad code which you have embed on your website. Its far far better than CPM advertising.

Now, You might be thinking how companies track your sales. They provide you an unique affiliate link. Through this link they get each record of the sale you made.


  • Deliver a solid review of the product.

           E.g – Hostgator review – Why I consider Hostgator as the best hosting provider.

  • Make use of attractive headlines

  • Give relevance to proper keyword strategy. This would help you bringing more traffic and finally more sales.

  • Share your affiliate links on social media.

2. Freelance jobs

Opportunities are countless in freelancing. Many such jobs do not have the restriction of time and place. But occasionally some jobs pose deadlines for the employees. Freelancing has many opportunities namely writing, photography, editing, art etc.

Tips :

  • Create your own blog or website so that it can work as your porfolio as well as your part time income

  • Update it regularly

  • Make use of social media

  • Be creative

  • Offer discounts to your clients

  • Treat them as your guest

  • Ask for a feedback

An ultimate guide to make money with freelance writing.

3. Domain flipping

Domain flipping is also known as Domain name speculation. According to wikipedia

Domain name speculation is the practice of identifying and registering or acquiring Internet domain names with the intent of selling them later for a profit.

An individual buys a house and flips it in order to make a profit. In the virtual real estate world also something similar happens.

A domain name can be thought of as a house on the web in the virtual real estate. Buying virtual houses and fixing them up for a nice amount for a good profit is a boom in the virtual world.

4.  Sell Quality products and services

One can attract more potential customers by offering them gifts and limited time promotions. The quality of products and services makes the customers grateful to the products and services they have enjoyed.

Then words of praise spread very quickly around the world. This will create a huge inflow of customers in the coming days for sure.


  • Start a blog

  • Write solid product reviews and provide strong “call for action”.

  • Write your own e-book and sell it.

  • Offer consultancy services

  • Create a Hire Me page on your blog.

5.  Online marketing

Online shopping cart is another effective technique for making money online. Effective management of secure server and payment modes are essential for a good business in this mode.

Customers need to develop faith in the services provided, only then they will continue to make purchases in the online shopping cart.

Branding is yet another important criterion for making money online mainly by selling products. Since majority of the people go for branded products, the online shopping cart needs to maintain a reasonable quality along with having a brand name.

Tips :

  • Create your apps and softwares and sell it online.

  • Write an e-book

  • Target Relevant keywords for your digital products( Don’t Spam ).

  • Research more about digital marketing.

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6. Online surveys

Basically an online survey involves registering for a website and filling out consumer surveys.

There are hundreds of websites which offer to pay you for filling out surveys. When you register at a website, you will be asked to fill up a questionnaire in which you list your interests and consumer preferences.

Once this is done, you will have to wait for a suitable survey. Highly capable personalities make a lot of money out of online surveys.


  • Target your purpose

  • Be Concise.

  • Be logical

7. Contests

There are several chances of being a part of an online contest. There are pop-up offers which need to be accepted by the aspiring candidate.

It is important to keep your email account free of junk and spam when you aim at online contests. The candidates need to be aware of the legitimate sites for online courses, not every pop-up offer will be authentic.

With good background knowledge and dedication one can make money by winning these contests online. Interested individuals can make use of the free access to sweepstakes from across the internet.

There are various websites and communities dedicated to sweepstakes in the virtual mode.

Thanks for reading ! Please let me know if you come up with any queries.

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  1. says

    Good article.. A one like this is really required to give an idea to newbie bloggers about earning money online and those tips which you included with each point are really good. Helpful! Informative!
    Manpreet Kaur recently posted…Blogging BreakMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for revealing the seven successful ideas for online money making. Freelance jobs are really great source of income. Once again thanks for this 7 amazing ideas.

  3. says

    As of now, there are lot of people doing online marketing since internet is very accessible nowadays. Some of your tips are quite new to me, thank you for sharing it! :)

  4. says

    Affiliate marketing has been so far my easiest way to make money online. Well it is not totally easy as many bloggers think of. You have to build trust and be genuine in making recommendations. You should not do it for the bucks but should be willing to even lose money by pointing out any negatives of a particular product.

    But once the trust factor is built, making money becomes so easy with aff marketing.

    Thanks for sharing these tips Shirley!
    Jane recently posted…5 Types of content you can create with much lesser effortMy Profile

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    Great article about online income generated from internet marketing business, I work on it to achieve a similar success and still have a lot to learn. Thanks!

  6. says

    I can attest to all these means cause I have tried them before. But, what I find very appealing is online selling (and buying).

    The great thing I love about it is that you can start even with your old stuffs and move on with reselling products later on. There are really many way to earn online through selling, and setting up a page for the items is really not that hard, whether it be on Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, or etc.

    You gotta try it. You’ll be amazed at how people will be interesting in even the weird things that you plan to sell.

  7. says

    Really nice sharing Shirley,
    I am reaching for how to generated income from internet marketing business, I work on it to achieve a similar success and this article help me lots. Thanks for sharing this post.

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